Personal Training

Personal Trainers

Achieve your fitness goals faster with tailored, one-on-one personal training sessions with our team of experienced yet approachable Coaches. Whether you’re looking to improve body composition, increase strength and muscle endurance, prep for a competition, or simply improve your overall health and fitness, we will help you accomplish your goals and beyond.

Our Trainers

Sometimes you need the guidance, sometimes you need someone to hold you accountable. Whatever your needs, goals, and knowledge may be, you can count on us to get you to the finish line. Our one-on-one personal training sessions give you one of the best tools in your fitness toolbox—an experienced professional who’s passionate about fitness and committed to your journey and success.

Rose Brunner

Rose Brunner is an ISSA certified trainer, IFBB Pro Physique competitor, and nutrition coach. She specializes in lifestyle coaching, muscle gain, weight loss, and competition prep coaching. My goal is to guide and support you throughout your goal.

I will help you to be accountable and push you to be your very best. Each individual’s program is specifically designed for you based on your requirements and needs.

“I feel we are our only competition. Our goal is to be better than we were yesterday, that is our measure of success.”

Sylvester Cain

Sylvester Cain is a NASM certified personal trainer, with specializations in corrective exercise, performance exercise, and fitness nutrition.  He works with people to attain their weight loss and muscle gain goals, while also teaching them the lifestyle changes necessary for long term success.


“Your success is my priority.  We will focus on mental health just as much as physical health to ensure you reach your fitness goals.”

Nate Dugas

Nate Dugas is a Pain-free Performance Specialist; he is also certified through NASM, ACTION, Sports Nutrition, and currently working towards his GOATA Movement certification. Nate has developed tried, tested, and proven programs for beginners to professional athletes. He uses science based methods to achieve optimal body composition, improve full body stability, flexibility, power and strength with each client to help them move better on the field and everyday life.

“Everyone deserves to live a pain-free healthy balanced lifestyle, while being happy with themselves inside and out.”

Achieving this can be difficult but with coaching we can make it more obtainable than ever! His mission is to help people change their lives for good in the simplest and most realistic way possible.

Shelby Doggett

Shelby is a NASM certified personal trainer. She specializes in cardiovascular training, weight-loss management and muscle building.

“I am dedicated and motivated to helping each individual achieve their goals and become the best version of themselves. Your fitness journey is a part of your life’s marathon, and together we Can’t Miss!”